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Qualifying for home health care services
Intermittent Visits
  1. The patient needs to be homebound: A patient is home bound if leaving the home requires considerable and taxing effort. The patient may leave the home for short periods primarily for medical purposes.
  2. The care provided must be medically necessary: An acute diagnosis, exacerbation of a medical condition, recent hospitalization and acute related problems that require intervention.
  3. Requires the skill level of one of the qualifying nurses: Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy for continued care
  4. The services provided must be on an intermittent basis and individualized to the patient.
  5. The service provided may include certified Home Health Aides and a Medical Social Worker as necessary.
Custodial Services

Non-medical support service provided to anyone, who because of advanced age or physical or mental infirmity, cannot care for his/her needs. Such services may include household chores related to the care of the aged or home-bound person, such as meal preparation, bed making, laundry and other similar services.
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